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Neue Auflage vom "Handbuch Kritische Stadtgeographie" erschienen

Das "Handbuch Kritische Stadtgeographie", herausgegeben von Bernd Belina (Frankfurt am Main), Matthias Naumann (Klagenfurt) und Anke Strüver (Graz) ist aktuell in der vierten Auflage erschienen. Das Handbuch gibt einen Einblick in theoretische Ansätze, methodische Zugänge und empirische Gegenstände einer Kritischen Stadtgeographie. Mehr Informationen und die Möglichkeit zur Bestellung gibt es beim Verlag Westfälisches Dampfboot.

Translokale Vorlesungsreihe: Geographien von Covid-19

Die translokale Vorlesungsreihe findet im Wintersemester 20/21, dienstags von 16.15 - 17.45 Uhr an folgenden Terminen statt: 10.11.20, 17.11.20, 08.12.20, 12.01.21 und 26.01.21. [Details]

Max-Peter Menzel mit „Ralph Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper Award” ausgezeichnet

Die Publikation „Industry evolution in Varieties of Capitalism: a comparison of the Danish and US wind turbine industries”, die Herr Prof. Max-Peter Menzel gemeinsam mit seinem Kollegen Johannes Kammer in der Zeitschrift Industrial and Corporate Change veröffentlicht hat, wurde von der Industry Studies Association mit dem „Ralph Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper Award” ausgezeichnet. Link zu AAU-News.


Bachelor Programme Geography

In brief

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The bachelor programme Geography will be of interest to you if...

… ecology is more than a buzzword for you
… you are interested in regional development
… you want to reflect on the change happening in our living environmment
… you want to know what the slogan "think globally, act locally" could mean in practice
you want to learn more about the use and the handling of geographic information systems (GIS)

What will you learn in the programme?

Geography as a field of study combines the social sciences with the natural sciences. It deals with social, political, economic and ecological processes that shape human-environment relations. Our Bachelor Programme in Geography focuses on two main goals:

The first goal is to introduce the fundamentals of Physical and Human Geography. The programme gives broad insights into the respective subfields of academic geography. Furthermore it provides basic (socio-)scientific and philosophical knowledge, which is required for understanding modern academic geography. You will gain an overview of various analytical tools and methods of geography and related disciplines.

The second goal is to establish a multi-perspective view on the so-called "major issues" of the 21st century, e.g. global environmental change, globalisation, urbanisation and social disparities. You will be trained to step out of your preconceived ideas about foreign spaces and learn to find your way into different cultural perspectives. The programme provides geographical knowledge which allows you to cope with the complex demands of the 21st century.

Curricular foci

  • Essentials of Human Geography
  • Essentials of Physical Geography
  • Geographical Research Methods
  • Reflective Regional Studies


Individual foci

  • The elective courses including Geology, Tourism Studies, Economics and Gender Studies allow for individual specialisation
  • Elective courses can be taken at any Austrian or international university

What makes studying in Klagenfurt special?

  • Excellent staff-student ratio
  • The Alps-Adriatic region is an exciting research area
  • Profiting from the excellent network of the department to relevant regional and supra-regional administrative institutions and companies
  • Flexible curricula and many selection options


Career opportunities

Due to their versatile education, graduates of this programme can find jobs in many different professions including:

  • Spatial and environmental planning
  • Public administration
  • Engineering and consulting offices
  • Waste management and waste industry
  • Environmental protection organisations
  • International governmental and non-governmental organisations

Who can you contact if you would like to find out more about the Master`s Programme?

Please see our collection of FAQs. If you have additional questions please contact::

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Glenda Garcia-Santos, Studienprogrammleiterin
Tel.: +43 (0)463 2700 3213

Univ.-Prof. Dr. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , stellvertretender Studienprogrammleiter
Tel.: +43 (0)463 2700 3226




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